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News of the Servants of the Shrub

Voting begins for SWTOR: Republic Game Leader

The next stage of naming the Shrubbite responsible for leading the Servants of the Shrub into the world of SWTOR on the republic side has just commenced.  Be sure to visit the SOS Discussion and cast your vote.

Two Factions One Shrub : Recruitment Campaign

This is a formal announcement to the gaming community that the Servants of the Shrub has formally created a new entity to represent the Shrubbite community in SWTOR.  The Shadow of the Shrub on the side of the Sith Empire.

Nominations for SWTOR: Republic Guild Leader

The Servants of the Shrub as many know are looking to fill leadership positions under our new leadership structure.  After electing lostkangaroo to the High Prophet position we are now moving onward to filling the second position on the schedule.  The SWTOR in game guild leader for the republic chapter.  Its a mouthful but a very important position in the guild as this Shrubbite becomes the first member to sit on the High Council as well as the one to lead the Servants of the Shrub as we head towards launch.  If you would like to participate in this process you first must be a Shrubbite and member of the Servants of the Shrub, and second go to the nomination thread found in the SOS Discussion and nominate someone.

SoS attends August 2011 Fragworld Guild Council

Hekki Shrubbites!

The illustrious LadyCelestine and I were able to attend last night's August 2011 Guild Council administered by

Topics of discussion included:

Voting begins for Shrub High Prophet.

As promised we are now in the final stages of naming the next or third Shrub High Prophet.  The vote has commenced and in one week the Servants of the Shrub will have made yet more history... within the guild of course.

Daniel Erickson confirms no restrictions to lightsaber colors and more!

JW Hollis of TORWARS interviewed Daniel Erickson, the lead story designer for SWTOR, at PAX and got several interesting tidbits our of him regarding lightsabers.

First, No lightsaber colors, none at all, are restricted by faction.  Jedi and Sith may wield all colors of lightsabers in the game (under certain conditions, of course).

Second, he specifically stated "There are colors that are on one side or another primarily, and there are colors that are incredibly hard to get.”  However, some would be extremely difficult to get, and would almost be a taunt to opposite faction players.  "If you see a Jedi running around with a red lightsaber, he worked for it and he’s pretty much telling the Sith, ‘Hey guys, look at this. Look what I did.’”, he concluded.

Bottom line is that if you really want a particular color, and you are willing to work hard to obtain it, apparently you’ll be able to wield any colored lightsaber in the game


Fragworld Guild Recruitment Open House!

Hekki Shrubbites! is hosting their first ever Guild Recruitment Open House, and the Servants of the Shrub will be present to represent.  As many friendly voices as possible should endeavor to attend the event where unguilded players may come and "speed date" style interview potential guilds.  I am not aware of an event like this before, and this has been discussed briefly at the latest Fragworld Guild Council that Lost and I attended.  If you're available to attend, please post in the forum News Feed thread under the same title.

The Event Thread on the Official TOR Forums:

Event Details after the break...