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News of the Servants of the Shrub

New Beta Testing Weekend - Oct 7-11

Hekki Shrubbites!

A new Beta Testing Weekend was announced today!  Beginning October 7, 2011 and ending October 11, 2011 a new round of weekend testers will be playing!  They have announced that they are inviting as many or more testers to this weekend than they currently have in testing now, so a TON of new people.  They should be sending invitations throughout the week until they hit the number they want.

SOS Names Game Leaders for SWTOR Factions

The Servants of the Shrub have officially named the Shrubbites who will lead the Gaming Chapters for both of SWTOR's factions.  The winners of the respective elections for the Republic named Servants of the Shrub in the SWTOR Guild HQ is the illustrious Quintix aka "the lawyer dude". The winner for the Sith named Shadow of the Shrub in the SWTOR Guild HQ is the celebrated LadyCelestine aka "the wookiee goddess of love".

SWTOR Music Video Contest Launches at!

Hekki Shrubbites!

That's correct!  A new contest is upon us.  Make a 5:00 or less music video related to Star Wars: The Old Republic and submit it on or before October 31, 2011.  The following thread has the details, rules and other announcements:

Good luck and may the Shrub be with you!

Potential Phishing Beta Emails Cause Uproar! Stay Safe!

Hekki fellow Shrubbites!

Like you, I just received 2 emails purporting to be from swtor asking me to A. answer a survey about being in the beta test, and B. pre-order SWTOR.

I am notifying you because there's some rumors flying around that these are official bioware emails and that it was somehow a mistake. THIS IS NOT TRUE AND THERE HAS BEEN NO CONFIRMATION OF THIS!

Please do not click any links in these emails or follow them to any pages. If you have already done so, please do not input any information on those sites until there is an official statement from Bioware.

More info after the break:

Achievements are IN for SWTOR Launch!

Daniel Erickson gave us some new and exciting information regarding achievements in the game.  They will be included in phases throughout the SWTOR development cycle.  Phase 1 Achievements set to include in the Shipped release of the game will include "big, heroic stuff" designed to give incentive to players to do the "tons of great optional content" in the game.


SWTOR Release Date Announced!

Bioware announced the Star Wars: The Old Republic release date at Eurogamer this afternoon!  With very little lead-up fanfare, this huge bomb was dropped by co-founders, Dr. Greg Zeschuk and Dr. Ray Muzyka.

"Star Wars: The Old Republic will officially release on December 20, 2011 in the United States, and December 22, 2011 in Europe."

SWTOR Guild Identity Competition - Results

The SWTOR Guild Identity Competition hosted by Bloodpool of Project Serenity, announced 07/27/2011 finally has produced winners. The Servants of the Shrub entered in all four available categories and placed in two.