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News of the Servants of the Shrub

SOS Attends November Guild Council

LostKangaroo and Quintix recently attended the November Guild Council hosted by  These meetings are a great way to keep up with what's going on in the community, meet other guilds, and generally expose ourselves to the gaming world.

The Councils are regularly advertised in the Official Forums, and are held every month.  The next one should be held just before or after launch of TOR!  The Council can be discussed here: Clicky


Hekki Shrubbites!

I am proud to announce the beginning of the submission period for the Official Shrub Recruitment Video Competition!  Between now and December 11, 2011, participants may submit up to three videos for consideration.  You are limited to one Republic, one Sith and one Neutral Shrub Recruitment Video.  After the submission period ends, the members will vote on their favorite in all 3 categories.

The winner(s) are eligible to win a few unnamed prizes, but there will be one Grand Prize Winner of a Star Wars Commemorative Trilogy DvD Collection figure set (Empire).

Get all the details and comment in the official thread:

Vote for your favorite Star Wars: The Old Republic Music Video!

Our members worked very hard putting together some great music videos dedicated to Star Wars: The Old Republic.  After a 30 day submission period, the voting period has begun!  Vote for your favorite music video here:

Of course, this contest was just a warm-up.  The Official Shrub Recruitment Video Competition is coming!  And it has prizes!

SWTOR Guild HQ Phase 3 Imminent!

Today on the Official SWTOR Forums, it was announced that the preliminary steps toward implementing "Stage 3" of the Pre-Launch Guild Program are underway.  Source:

This is all very exciting news.  Both Shrub Chapters are poised to be ported into the game and established for launch.  Full text of the announcement after the break.

Character Creator Upgrades

Recently a project was announced via our forum to update the character and member profiles for the Shrubbites of the Servants of the Shrub.  These creators are for SOS members but might be adapted to be used by the general public when fully competed.

This update as to the current state of this project which is beginning to turn out quite well.

Interesting tweets from NYCC on SWTOR!

New York Comic Con 2011 is heating up and some great new info is coming out.  The folks over at TORWARS posted some tweets live during a Q&A.  Read more after the break:


Shrubbite High Council Elections Are Underway

As of Tuesday afternoon the vote has commenced to elect 3 of the 6 candidates nominated by their peers. This election will run until October 18th so be sure to get in and pick your choices.