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News of the Servants of the Shrub

Fragworld December Guild Council on Dec 12, 2011 - Live Streaming

Ahoy Shrubbites! announced their 10th Guild Council, and the Servants and Shadow of the Shrub are proud to have been participants in a majority of them.  Details are:

This is the 10th Guild Council event organized by Fragworld (past events HERE). You can also find a recording of the November Guild Council meeting HERE. These events are a chance for SWTOR guild leaders to come together and talk about recent happenings in the community, to meet other guilds, and discuss the near future of the game.

Date & Location
Monday, December 12th
Time: 9:00PM US-EST (21:00 GMT -5)

Fragworld's TS3 Server:
(enter it in exactly as shown above)

More details after the break:



The Shrub is surely among us, Shrubbites!

Announced today was that Early Game Access, a reward for pre-ordering SWTOR, will be up to SEVEN days beginning on December 13th instead of December 15th as previously thought!  The earlier you pre-ordered, you could get up to a week's worth of head start on the projected 2 million plus subscribers.  Servers will open at 7:00 am on Dec 13th and close for a small period on December 19th, then the official launch will occur on December 20th.  All characters created and played during the early access period will be there on December 20th!

Ask-a-Jedi had a fantastic write-up on the exciting news here:

The game client is now available for download to all who have pre-ordered.  If you haven't pre-ordered, you still can at many retailers... be sure to ask for your pre-order code, though, as there have been mix ups.  Even a day's worth of early access will help you be beyond the starting planets' heavily quested zones, so PRE-ORDER NOW!

Some players will require new install of the game client before launch

Greetings Shrubbites!

Several players have gotten emails this afternoon instructing them to uninstall and reinstall the game client.  An official post was released on the SWTOR Forums:

On the up side, its also stated that all infractions and warnings will be removed from all accounts to give players a fresh new start!

All Shrubbites should check your emails for instructions.  The full text of the post is after the break:

SWTOR Guild HQ now closed pending launch

The closure of the Official Guild HQ was announced today.  All guild actions are frozen pending import into the game for launch.  The leaders for Servants and Shadow of the Shrub will be getting an email in the next several days announcing our server assignments, which will of course be posted to the membership.  The text of the official announcement is as follows:

"All guilds are currently frozen as we prepare them for deployment into Star Wars™: The Old Republic™.

During this period, guilds may not be altered in any way. This includes:

  • Creating/disbanding guilds
  • Adding/removing guild members
  • Promoting/Demoting guild members
  • Adding/removing Allies and Adversaries
  • Adding/removing pre-orders for your guilds
  • Changing guild to opposite
  • Changing guild's server type, time zone, and language preference.

You can still search for guilds and post on the public forums as well as your guild's private forum.

All guild members will be emailed the status of their deployment as the process continues. Guilds which are deployed will be able to manage their guilds in-game. For more information, check the Guilds FAQ.

See you in the game!"

Thanksgiving Beta Weekend - Shrubbite Style!

Well, the Thanksgiving Weekend Beta Test for SWTOR concludes this evening at 11:59pm CST.  Most, if not all, of our brethren (and sisteren) got an opportunity to test the waters and tickle our fancy with all that the Old Republic has to offer.  Whether you got to pass the huttball for the Light or *SPOILER ALERT* cop a feel of the Dark Side (/wink - call me), the overwhelming reaction to these 4 days of frolicking is... "When can I get my next fix??!!"

The answer to that gnawing query is FIFTEEN to TWENTY days from now, depending on how early you pre-ordered.  Yes, Shrubbites, we are approximately 2 weeks from launch.

Highlights from this weekends beta test:  Dancing Pink Twi'leks, Flashpoint replayability with hillarious results, testing guild functions, stripper poles in Vegas style cantinas, and my personal favorite... an interactable Sabbaac Table on board the Esseles.  It gives you a "not accepting players" message, but that excites me more because it implies that at some point, it will!!

What was your beta experience like?

SWTOR Guild HQ Closes December 2nd for Import Preparation

Hekki Shrubbites!

Exciting things happening in the last 30 days before launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Announced today on the SWTOR Official Site is that the Guild HQ will close on December 2, 2011 and no other guilds may be created, modified or changed beyond that date so that preparations for import into the game can be done.  Luckily, both Servant and Shadow chapters of the Shrub are approved and ready for launch.  Servants of the Shrub has 19 registered members, and Shadow of the Shrub has 17 registered members.  I know we have more than 36 members on our forums, so I encourage everyone who has not registered on the SWTOR Guild HQ to do so ASAP!

1.  Log into your account

2.  Go to or and apply to be a member of the guild (depending on your primary faction desire - you are welcome to join both chapters with your alternate characters in-game).

3.  On December 20 (or 15th if you have Early Access), you should be granted an invite to the guild of your choice upon logging into the game.  To join the opposite faction guild, create a character of that faction and request an invite from any officer online.

Each branch also has room for an additional ally or adversary.  Current ones for both factions are: the corresponding Shrub guild and The Crimson Blade (led by our illustrious former member Markuss).  If you have a suggestion as to the last slot, feel free to make your feelings known on our forums.

Official Announcement after the break: 

Servants of the Shrub places in 2 of 4 categories in Huttball Competition!

Congrats, Shrubbites!

The results of Bloodpool's 2011 Guild Huttball Team Competition have been posted, and the SoS made a great showing, placing 2nd in the Team Poster Category and 3rd in the Team Huttball Category!  Results here:  A huge THANK YOU to LostKangaroo is due for his dedication and hard work, and to everyone else who contributed ideas and encouragement.

A quiet moment should be taken to wish the Shrub's peace and blessings upon the coordinator of the competition, Bloodpool, who had a death in the family during the scoring periods.  I have alot of admiration for a person who can go through such a difficult time yet still continue to contribute and pay attention to the  community to the level he does.  Our thoughts are with you, Bloodpool!