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News of the Servants of the Shrub

Shadow of the Shrub vs. Black Talon

 Vat, Adria, Rik'a, and Karsa

Bored with quests and the grind of supplemental crew skills four of the Shadow's finest decided to group up and run through the first flashpoint for the Sith Empire.  This is in shape or form devoted to providing a walk through but a chronicle of one fun and lasting experience. 

Domain Transfer Tonight!!


Domain Transfer Tonight!

Expect Limited down times! will experience limited downtime tonight due to moving from to our new Domain Registrar!

SOS SWTOR Rosters Get a Paint Job

After a long neglected period of time due mainly to time commitments to higher education and the pursuit of all things that bring money to the pocket the SWTOR Character rosters have been upgraded.  

SWTOR Officially Launches!

After 7 glorious days of Early Access, the Old Republic has finally launched.  At midnight last night, the floodgates opened, and what some analysts are saying could be over 1.5 million people finally have full access to the game servers.

On Shien, the Shrub's new home server, the Servants and Shadow of the Shrub have been busy exploring the vast galaxy developed for the game.  While playing through the early levels, be sure and keep your eyes on the events calendar here on the site as well as any in-game announcements.  The current plan is to allow members a week or so to acclimate themselves to the game and gain a few levels before the first guild meet & greet.

Go forth, Shrubbites, and have FUN!

Recruitment Video Voting Begins!

3 great videos were submitted for the Recruitment Video Contest that ended December 11th.  Votes may be submitted in the following thread:

Fantastic work by the entrants!

Fragworld December Guild Council Minutes

Hekki and salutations fellow Shrubbites!  Included below you will find some minutes from the meeting last evening.  


Some of the big things are at the end, which came from Malus from the Terra Firma guild after the meeting.  You can also see them confirmed in this thread on the SWTOR forums here:  SWTOR Forum Link


Servants and Shadow assigned to "Shien" Server!

At long last, brothers and sisters, the Shrub has a new home.  The SWTOR Guild HQ Program has assigned the Servants and Shadow of the Shrub to the "Shien" Server.  After some very cursory research, I can say I'm very happy with this server assignment, as it is the name of Form V (5) of the Lightsaber Combat forms.

"Form V, also known as the Way of the Krayt Dragon, was created by Form III: Soresu masters who desired a more offensive style, since the defensive nature of Form III often led to prolonged combat, which was dangerous for the practitioners. Form V evolved into an accepted style by combining the defensive maneuvers of Form III with the more aggressive philosophy and tactics of Form II: Makashi. Form V required a higher level of physical strength than the other lightsaber forms, due to its focus on complete domination of its practitioners' opponents. It was considered the most physically demanding of all the forms.

The form was developed alongside Form IV: Ataru at a time when the Jedi were increasingly called upon to actively keep the peace. Some Jedi, noting its dedication to domination and strength, felt that Form V encouraged an inappropriate focus on controlling one's assailants. Other Jedi, including the Jedi battlemaster Cin Drallig, were cautiously neutral regarding the form. Nevertheless, the Form's proponents maintained that Form V was an effective and powerful tool for the Jedi Order. Form V had two distinct variations: Shien and Djem So, and most users had a preference for one or the other."


That, and its probably one of the most iconicly COOL Lightsaber Combat Forms known to geekdom.
Galen Marek, otherwise known as "Starkiller" Darth Vader's secret apprentice of The Force Unleashed Fame, utilized the Shien variant of Form V.