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News of the Servants of the Shrub

Look where the shrub may be headed next!

Age of wushu...possible home for the shrub...Shrub knows kung fu!!


Servants of the Shrub Explores GW2 as Newest Chapter

Tonight the proposal to include ArenaNet's latest MMO has been brought before the Shrubbite High Council.  For those who have no idea what is included in this latest release of the Guild Wars franchise here is a short video depicting the game mechanics in action.

Congratulations to our new TSW Chapter Council!

Over the past couple of weeks, We have had a few members step up and fill important roles in our TSW Cabals.  First I would like to congratulate these people for what they have accomplished so far and welcome them into Chapter Council for TSW.
Lady C
These folks have been great in getting the cabals running smoothly.  Recruitment is up and at least 50+ shrubbites now participating in TSW.  I would like to personally thank each one of you for doing all that you have done. 

The Secret World has Launched!

Secret World (Early Access) launched 24 hrs ago. So far we have around 25 Shrubbites playing TSW.
We have launched all three Cabals
Servants of the Shrub - Illuminati
Knights of the Shrub - Templar
Order of the Shrub - Dragon
If you have yet to check out TSW, We encourage you to check it out. No matter what faction or server you choose, you are bound to have fun with us.

TOR Server Transfer: from Shien to Ebon Hawk

SWTOR finally opened up transfers on selected servers, condensing quite a few down with limited origin-to-destination options. Due to the general deady-ness of Shien, the Shrubs decided to move en masse over to the east coast RP-PVE destination, The Ebon Hawk. This led to a lot of people losing their character names, unfortunately, but overall the transfer was a great decision - the community is definitely more lively and active. Both the Servants and the Shadows are back online, so look for us on either side of the Force.

Servants of the Shrub Explore New Branches

Recently the Servants of the Shrub announced a change of leadership structure to allow for members to request game additions in the form of new chapters much easier then was previously.  The outcome of which has been several new chapters each in the beginning stages of increasing the amount of offerings included as a member of the Servants of the Shrub. Check out the progress as we explore Minecraft, EVE, and The Secret World.

SOS is Broadening its Horizons

The Servants of the Shrub High Council took under consideration changing a small but important detail associated with its management of game chapters, or more specifically the role played by Chapter Leaders.  The change which has been approved and is now in effect allows the Shrubbites to suggest new games where the Holy Shrub would float and spread for High Council blessing.  The game would then be listed as a new chapter and a Chapter "MMO" Leader installed.