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News of the Servants of the Shrub

Vent is back up.

Sorry for the hiccup everyone.  Of course it has to expire during a veterinary symposium!

Bigger, better beta this weekend!

Check the forum for grouping, faction discussion.  Can't wait to see you all in-game!

The Shrub has it's own Starbound server!!

I've posted the IP in the members section.  For those who haven't played it yet, Starbound is a fantastic 2d voxel based sci-fi game from the makers of Terraria.  15 bucks on Steam and the final beta character wipe is scheduled for this week.  Join us for the thrill of exploring the galaxy, encountering new sentient beings, and then stealing all their stuff.

We are live on Tamriel Foundry!!

In order to have a successful ESO launch it is crucial that everyone who intends to play head on over to Tamriel Foundry.  Get signed up so that you can join our guild page (up sometime in the next 48 hours pending approval) and bump our recruiting thread.  We need some numbers to gain inertia for our recruiting, so its time for everyone to pitch in and help water the Shrub!

The Shrub is getting some 'revitalizing' !!

First I would like to announce the the Servants of the Shrub have their own vent, which is up and running. The information is on this very page if you just slide your eyes to the left. Now with that being said we are going to shake the shrub a bit, new content, a newsletter and a more 'aggressive' push into the geeky world we love so much, in the next coming weeks look for new updates on everything going on in the forums and in vent, including facebook, twitter updates and more!!

The Shrubs are headed home!

The Servants Of The Shrub got our roots from Star Wars Galaxies. That was the beginning of how this awesome guild....well not just a guild.....but a group of friends got started. we have enjoyed over 10 years of gaming and life together. Being a Shrub is not just about gaming, its really about being part of something bigger, we have members helping one another all the time...on a personal level. We share games and about just anything and everything from day to day things like kids and work to religion and politics.

Rift and Wurm: 2 new chapters in the Shrub Universe!

We now have a strong presence in both Rift and Wurm. 
Rift: Fantasy based MMO
Wurm: Fantasy based MMO but more along the lines of Minecraft (created by Notch)
Take a look and Shrub on!!