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Book of The Shrub - Chapter 3: The Great Opening

Chapter 3: The Great Opening

It is told by the Devs that there will be a moment in time when there is no faction standing among the people. In this moment there will also be standing not a single building that is owned by the people. This moment will only last until the first blood is shed, but will be a grand event indeed, and will be called the Great Opening, but also known as the fifteenth day of the month of April in the Year numbered two thousand and three. During the Great Opening, all will be stripped of skills, possessions and credits, and for a brief time the people will be equal. In the first days after the Opening, Player Associations will be formed, and once formed, elected leaders will be given power. The Great Opening will last for one day in the world of the people, but will last many days in our time. The Great Opening will be good and all will rejoice together, whether friend or foe.

The time after the Great Opening shall be known by numbers, and the numbers shall be followed by the letters AD, for which there is no meaning. The numbers shall be decided upon by the Devs and continue in a sequential fashion. Soon after the Great Opening the Holy Wars will start. The Shirt_576, though so long an ally of the Shrub, will turn and ask the High Priests to start a War. All will be struck with a great thirst for blood. The High Priests will consult the people, and the Shrub. The Shrub will be silent, though the people will cry out. "Let us fight! Let us stain the ground with the blood of our enemies under the name of the Shrub. Let us dance elaborate dances on their corpses and perform rude emotes to celebrate!" The Servants of the Shrub will go to war.

The first great war will be bloody and many lives of Shrubbites will be lost. The Shrub will have mercy on those who are loyal and through a cloning center, will allow them to be reborn into this world. This first war will last for many days but when it ends the Servants of the Shrub will feel the taste of victory and smell the blood of their enemies on their boots. At the end of this first great war will follow the first great party. Alcohol will flow and scantily clad dancers and music will abound for the returning warriors. It will be good.