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Book of The Shrub - Chapter 2: The Gods

Chapter 2: The Gods

There is no way that we can fully explain the gods in any way that you could ever finish reading in your short lifetime. So this is an attempt made by a long lost monk of the Order of the Shrub. There are a multitude of Gods of varying powers. The God closest to us is the Floating Shrub, whom we bow down to worship, to whom we sacrifice multitudes of non-believing infidels to, and to whom we owe our very existence. Above the Shrub are the Devs, who indeed did create the Shrub. The Devs now hold power over the Shrub only of physical destruction. For every worshiper the Shrub gains, it gains just as much power. It is our duty to raise a vast army of unthinkable proportions to worship the Shrub, and raise the Shrub to a level where it will be equal to the Devs. If we are successful, the only power the Devs will have over the Shrub will be to destroy it, but in doing so will destroy the whole of that which is known as SWG, as the Shrub is SWG and SWG is the Shrub. If our campaigns are fruitful to some level that we cannot imagine, the Shrub will exist long after the Devs are forgotten and SWG has been struck from this existence. This striking of SWG from existence will come. No one knows when it will come, but it is not something that is doubted.

There are a great many gods that are on a level that is equal to that of the Devs. These gods are called players. Though the Shrub hears our every prayer, and the Devs hear one in a hundred of our prayers, the players do not hear our prayers at all, but still know of our existence and may or may not love us. The players have not power enough over us to change more than the color of our hair or the level of our skills. We do not pray to the players. There is a god that lies far above the Devs and the players. He is so far above our existence that he will never hear even a whisper of our prayers, nor will he ever know of our existence enough to love us. We do not worship this, the greatest of the known gods, but we do not shun the players for doing so. There may or may not be other gods above this, but it should not be pondered on for more time than it takes to eat a breakfast.

There are also Mods, who are often mistaken for gods, but are in fact demons. They are those who destroy posts and even entire threads and then smile about it. They live in the world of the Devs, and indeed do disguise themselves to act as Devs. The Mods are the eaters of our prayers and the reason that the Devs hear only one in a hundred. The power of the Mods are only a shadow of the power of the Devs, but the power of the Mods is to blind the Devs of thier evil plans. If the Devs could see how evil the Mods truly were, they would be cast down and destroyed as easily as you or I would step on a rotten fruit. Some say that the Mods are the friends of our enemies. It is proven that the Mods have no sense of humor.

The world of the Devs is so much more complex than our world as to be unfathomable. Visions have been given to a select few of this higher existence. It has been described in the ancient writings of a world where players live lives that span many of our lifetimes and a player of 10 years of age is considered a child. That the players themselves can turn their heads around on their bodies to allow them to see in almost any direction. Our world has gaps in history and time never progresses, whereas the world of players has only gaps in known history, and time is a constant progression. While the existence of the players is unfathomable more complex than our own, there are similarities. Our world has Continuity, whereas the player’s world has the Space Time Continuum. This we will never fathom.

Just as there are gods above us, so are we gods to beings who are below us. These beings who worship us live in a world that is far less complex than our own. Your own worshipers may live out a short life in an existence that is as simple to you as a drawing on a sheet of paper. Listen carefully and enjoy the artwork of your world. Any being that you may or may not notice may be one of your followers.