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Shroud of Darkness

BOOM! "Again? How many blasts are you people going to do in a day?" Samael asked after yet another explosion at this archaeological dig on Tatooine. "What are you people even looking for?" he asked turning to look at the Twi'lek in charge of the site, "We are told that there is something of interest here." "And what, exactly, might that be?" The Twi'lek looked at him trying to decide weather or not he wanted to share this precious information. "Hmmm... There has been rumors that a sith holocron is somewhere here." "A SITH holocron?!" "Yes... intriguing isn't it?" Samael was lost for words. A real sith holocron, what are the chances that one could be here on tatooine? BOOM! It wasn't the explosion that shook Sam from his thoughts but the voices screaming "We found it! We found the Holocron! We found it!" Hearing that Sam and the Twi'lek overseer jumped from their seats rushing to the dig site. "We found it! We found it!" They kept on shouting. As soon as same and the Twi'lek reached the site they saw people of many different races shouting and running around and as they were looking the found one of the workers a Rodian holding a black pyramid artifact. With the exception of some dirt from the ever present sands of Tatooine, it looked brand new. "Give it to me." The Twi'lek said to the Rodian worker holding out his hand. But the Rodian didn't move a muscle. Everyone grew quiet waiting to see what would happen next. "Give it here, now." still no response. The Rodian just stood there, he could hear whispers in a very ancient and dark archaic language, he had never heard the language before but for some reason he understood what it was saying. The Twi'lek was getting angry seeing one of his works disobey him "GIVE IT TO ME!" He yelled raising his hand to hit the Rodian, but Sam grabbed his arm "Wait." The Twi'lek stopped and looked with disbelief at Sam who was he to be giving the Twi'lek orders. "Just wait, please." Sam said letting go of the Twi'leks arm. "Fine, I will wait. But only for a moment then this worker will die for disobeying me." Sam chuckled "Oh trust me. You won't have to wait very long for either of those things to happen." Suddenly the Rodian started screaming in agony. He was throwing his arms around wildly but the holocron stayed in his grasp. The Rodian suddenly dropped to his knees blood was oozing out of his ears, nose, mouth, and eyes. The Twi'lek looked at his worker shocked he looked at Sam for an explanation only to see Sam smiling. "What in the name of-" "The holocron was booby trapped." Sam said cutting the Twi'lek off. "It was made like that so no random thug could just take it and learn all of its secrets." The Rodian was dead now laying in the dirt of Tatooine the holocron then shock from the hands of the Rodian and started to hover in the air. Suddenly a hologram of a dark figure appeared, "Who are you that is foolish enough to try and steal from me?" The Twi'lek started to stammer but Sam cut him off by raising his hand. "I am" Said Sam, "But I am not trying to steal from you my lord only to learn from you." The dark figure looked at Sam "I see... You are strong in the force I will grant you that much. What reasons do you have to learn from me?" "I am Samael apprentice of the Sith. I wish to learn your secrets so that I may over throw my masters and to prove that I am the only one worthy of being the true Sith Lord." The dark figure didn't speak for a moment then said "If you listen to what I have to say and learn what I have to teach, then you will be great beyond imagining, but to be the True Sith Lord, then you must have the knowledge on how to use the power I will teach you." "I will do whatever you ask and I will be the next Sith Lord." The Twi'lek couldn't believe what was going on he turned to Sam, "What are you talking about? You are no Sith apprentice!" The dark figure turned to see the Twi'lek then looked back at Sam, "Prove to me you are who you say you are, kill this Twi'lek using the force only." The Twi'leks eyes went wide "What?! No, I mean no disrespect my Lord!" He turned to Sam whos eyes suddenly seemed darker then he remembered "Please don't do this!" Sam stopped for a moment in thought. The Twi'lek took a breath, but as he was inhaling his throat constricted and he rose into the air he looked at Sam who had his hand out as if he was choking someone, it was only then that the Twi'lek realized that Sam was choking him. "No my lord." The Twi'lek croaked, but it was too late Sam squeezed his hand shut snapping the neck of the Twi'lek with the force. The dark figure seemed pleased, "Very good apprentice, now if you want to learn from me first you must hear my story. I do not worship the same gods as other sith do but rather I worship the Shrub, and if you wish to learn from me you must too worship and follow the Shrub. I will tell you my story so that you may understand the powers that the Shrub can grant you." "I will listen my Lord, tell me your story." "Very well then..." suddenly the hologram changed from the dark form and instead showed a planet...

This is my home planet Alpheridies, the adopted planet of the Miraluka after the destruction of our homeworld of Katarr. My name back then was Angel. I was like every other Miraluka, which means I was born without eyes and I used the force to "see" the world around me. But, I was exceptionally powerful in the force more so than most other Miraluka. So the Jedi came to our planet looking for talented children like myself, they took me and a few of my brethren back to Coruscant, to the Jedi temple to learn in the ways of the force. After a few years I had excelled most rapidly, so much so that I even shocked a few of the Master Jedi on the council. I was the first of my brethren to graduate to Padwan and get a master, but they soon caught up. My best friend that came from Alpheridies with me was the second to graduate, and like most Miraluka I saw him as a brother to me. It was not long after he had gotten his master that we were sent on a mission together him with his master and me with mine. We were told to go to Tatooine for there was some sort of disturbance over there we couldn't get any clear details some said there was a large gathering of smugglers and there was about to be a war against smuggling factions and others said that the sith were there planing to destroy the Jedi. So the council sent us to investigate, my brother and I were excited to go on this mission for it was our first, our masters cautioned us though not to get too excited for such emotions would lead us to the darkside. We obeyed but we still couldn't wait. We made it to Tatooine without a problem and as we were heading towards the coordinates given to us our ship was surrounded getting shot at from ever side. It was pirates! They were shooting and shooting we tried to fight back but our guns were damaged and we couldn't run cause our engines were the first thing destroyed. We were heading towards the planet now our ship more like a meteor now. Just before we hit the ground my master jumper towards me and surrounded me in the Force creating a shield around my entire body. I woke up after the crash looking around at the wreckage almost everything was destroyed. I found my masters body under some wreckage and he was dead. As I was looking around trying to find my friend the sky started to darken I looked up to see one of the pirates ships coming in to get the spoils of its kill I thought about running but something stopped me I don't know what it was but I just couldn't move. The pirates came out of the ship laughing on and on and they saw me a few tensed but most realized that I wasn't a full Jedi yet so the came over to me with their guns raised. I was scared, I thought for sure I was going to die then I heard something beside me I turned to look and it was my brother he was still alive! "Hey... Angel." He coughed up blood and I realized he wasn't going to stay alive for much longer. "You must live... for both of us...." with his dying words he pulled out his lightsaber and held it up to me, one of the pirates saw him moving and shot him repeatedly. I got so angry at seeing them treat him that way I was mad that they destroyed my master and my brother. I reached out with the force grabbing my brother's saber while pulling out my own. I turned them on and then everything went blank. I don't remember what happened next I only remember looking around at everything and everyone that I destroyed. The pirates were all dead some I couldn't even recognize anymore. Their ship was almost as destroyed as mine, nobody survived I was sure of it. I looked around and I found my brother he was still dead, and there was nothing I could do to prevent that... at that moment everything went dark as if I was covered in a Shroud of Darkness. I could no longer use the force. I was cut off, I didn't know why, but the only thing that I could understand clearly was, I would die on this planet. I wondered around blind and broken the next from then on I took what rations I happened to stumble upon but I was running out of everything really quick. I could feel the animals of Tatooine, the scavengers to be more precise, watching me and waiting for me to drop dead. It had been a week since the force had left me and I was on my own, the rations were gone and I finally felt that it was time for the scavengers to get what they were waiting for, my death. I dropped face down in the dirt ready to accept my fate but then something happened I felt something through the force, which I thought left me. I looked up because I felt that is what I needed to do and above me about 12 feet or so was a shrub, no not a shrub, THE Shrub. It was magnificent the power that was emanating from it was immeasurable. It spoke to me and it gave me my life back and it gave me the force again. This time when the force entered my body I could feel how powerful it was I could feel how powerful I was becoming... and it felt good. I realized now that the Jedi where wrong. The force was a tool, something that could be taken or given. I was given the force this time and I knew it was going to be my weapon for revenge. I would kill every single pirate that had taken part of our crash and I would avenge my fallen comrades. Suddenly these words came into my head and this is what they said.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

Suddenly everything was clear, and I knew what I must do. Now begins the story of how I became a Sith Lord...