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The 13 Commandments


The Commandments of The Shrub


1. Thou shalt not have any duties before the Shrub.
Simply put this means that the Shrub comes first (in game of course). If you are a Rebel, you are a Shrubbite who is a Rebel, not the other way around. If you are a crafter and you have orders from Shrubbites and Non-Shrubbites, the Shrubs come first. If you are a medic and are healing in battle, the Shrubs come first. Simple stuff we should all do anyway.  Never turn away a fellow Shrubbite in need, and always do your best to protect our way of life.


2. Thou shalt have respect for all things.
Respect is a very important part of being a Shrubbite. Respect all things, from the humble Gnort to the majestic Krayt and everything in between. Respect all others in the world, even if they do not return the favor.  Have respect for others’ feelings, their wants and needs, and their lifestyle. Respect the Guild and all its members, and everyone you interact with.


3. Thou shalt not defame friend or foe.
Very similar to commandment 2. In fact, they go hand in hand. You can get mad at people, but never berate them… never look down on them. Never should you think you’re better than anyone. Simple bantering and non-offensive name-calling is fine in the spirit of fun and humor, but there is a line that should not be crossed. It is up to the people involved to define that line, and up to others to respect it.


4. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's Guild.
If you want to join another Guild, then do so. You shouldn’t be here if you’re not sure you wouldn’t rather be somewhere else. Never look at another Guild and think, “Boy, I shoulda joined them.” That is your cue that you should be over there instead of over here.


5. Thou shalt not see though the eyes of bigots.
Neither the Shrub nor any of its Shrubbites will tolerate racism, bigotry, sexism, or any other off  color remarks. In order for this to be a fun Guild and a fun game, remarks such as these should not even be a part of a Shrubbite’s vocabulary.


6. Thou shalt have the utmost respect for the leaders, for they are the voice of the Shrub.
Members should respect everyone, but leaders deserve the extra respect for the role they play in the Guild. They are the conduits of the Shrub (role play wise) and they should be given that level of respect.


7. Thou shalt not flame, troll, or willfully aggravate others.
In the forums or in the game, a Shrubbite is always a representative of the Servants as a whole. Flaming, trolling, and aggravating others is looked down upon by the community, and is not a trait of a true Shrubbite.


8. Thou shalt not defile the Shrub by thine actions.
Always remember that you carry the SOS tag by your name, and you represent the Guild at all times. Don’t do anything that would make us look bad in the eyes of other members or other guilds. If it makes you look like an idiot, bigot, jerk, or l33t d00d, you’re not just hurting yourself, but the entire Guild. (See Commandments #2, #3 and #7 again if you're still confused.)


9. Thou shalt spread the word of the Shrub only to those with ears to receive It.
Don’t bother trying to convert those that don’t want to be converted. We will get nowhere by preaching to the deaf.


10. Thou shalt not ignore the words of the Shrub and its members.
Read the forums! Know the news. Know what we have coming up. If a member asks you a question tell them the answer. If you don’t know the answer find someone who does, or let the member know who to ask. If a non-member asks about the Guild refer them to the website, an officer, or our forums.


11. Thou shalt not be consumed by greed, for the Shrub helps those that help themselves.
Don’t expect that you will get discounts. Don’t expect that you will get things for free. Don’t expect that you will always get what you need from us. We try our best, but be happy with what you have. It is true that our merchants and artisans try very hard to give us what they can, and our scouts and surveyors supply them as much as THEY can… but it is not always easy. Be patient, and be understanding.


12. Thou shalt befriend thy fellow Shrubbites and know them as family.
Get to know us! You don’t get to be good friends and guildmates by joining and then soloing all the time and avoiding guildchat. Sometimes you want to solo and that’s fine, but being a recluse is not being a Guild member. Please, we are a group, we are a Guild, and we are a family.


13. Thou shalt have fun.
That is the key. If at any time you are not having fun, then something needs to change. Either you need to find a new Guild, or we need to change something. We do what we can, and fun is the single most important thing. These other commandments are nothing without it… they have no reason to be. If there is no fun, there is nothing. ALWAYS keep it fun.