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The Shrubs are headed home!

The Servants Of The Shrub got our roots from Star Wars Galaxies. That was the beginning of how this awesome guild....well not just a guild.....but a group of friends got started. we have enjoyed over 10 years of gaming and life together. Being a Shrub is not just about gaming, its really about being part of something bigger, we have members helping one another all the time...on a personal level. We share games and about just anything and everything from day to day things like kids and work to religion and politics. The S.O.S is a community, beyond this digital front you are viewing right now and we welcome people from all walks of life!  That being said, the Shrub community is making a return to its roots. The SWG EMU is up and running and our members are getting back into their old home on Tatt! please look up the Star Wars Galaxies emu and help it grow! that is the check it out....and may the shrub be with you