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Congratulations to our new TSW Chapter Council!

Over the past couple of weeks, We have had a few members step up and fill important roles in our TSW Cabals.  First I would like to congratulate these people for what they have accomplished so far and welcome them into Chapter Council for TSW.
Lady C
These folks have been great in getting the cabals running smoothly.  Recruitment is up and at least 50+ shrubbites now participating in TSW.  I would like to personally thank each one of you for doing all that you have done. 
Also, A big thank you to LostKangaroo for all the admin help he has and still is providing.  His work on getting us banners for the website and working on our rosters have been great.  Thanks for all your help LOST!!!
We still need help though!
We still have several key positions open in our TSW Chapter Council.  If you would like to help, hop on over to the TSW forums to learn how!