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Servants of the Shrub Explore New Branches

Recently the Servants of the Shrub announced a change of leadership structure to allow for members to request game additions in the form of new chapters much easier then was previously.  The outcome of which has been several new chapters each in the beginning stages of increasing the amount of offerings included as a member of the Servants of the Shrub. Check out the progress as we explore Minecraft, EVE, and The Secret World.


Within the past few weeks we have seen a resurgence into the popularity of Minecraft within the Shrubbite Community headed by our very own Minecraft guru and tutorial maker Vevielle or MsSnufulupugus as she is known on youtube.  Several Shrubbites have banded together and formed their own version of Ostium Vepres within the open sandbox world with no rules.  For everyone interested in joining the fun contact Vevielle for more details on this addicting addition to Shrubbite community life.



Eve has been around for a long time and predates many resent favorites of MMOs currently on the market.  It is also one of the only MMOs in exestence that can honestly say it has gone toe to toe with the 800 pound gorilla WOW by Blizzard in length of time.  Dantheman has brought a proposal before the High Council to expand and allow the use of the Servants of the Shrub within the far reaches of New Eden and create a glorious empire within.


The Secret World

The Secret World is a new MMO on the brink of being released by Funcom.  It has garnered much interest within the Shrubbite Community and might very well assume a place amongst Shrubbites worldwide to explore their nightmares.