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Book of The Shrub - Chapters 34 - 37: Faith

Chapter 34: Seedlings

And you shall teach the unbelievers, for they know not the path of righteousness. The mightiest oak began as the smallest seed, so shall it be with faith. Nurture and educate those that do not know, so that they might grow unto their faith. Remember: once you did not know of His power, and were not but a weed. But his power awakened you to him, and now you rejoice in his power.

Chapter 35: The Lone Survivor's Story

I was lost... In a land filled with deceit and lies. All around me there was chaos and a general decent from order. I could not see, could not find my way through this vortex of spinning lies and deception. Truly, I was in despair, fearing that I was loosing my very grip on sanity. I was on the brink of breaking down and giving into the abyss... but then... something happened... I saw... It. There, on the horizon, It floated in true and untainted glory. It's pureness brought me to my knees and I wept. For there, was reason, stability, and a higher calling, all in the form of this strange floating object. I crawled through the burning sands as they pelted my face. But I took this in stride, embracing it as a cleansing as I came closer to It. I finally came to the base of my savior, the Floating Shrub and I did cry out with great joy, for there before me was what I sought. Near it, I then did feel complete. Raising to one knee, I looked up to It and did swear my undying fealty and allegiance, giving to It my mind and body. I then stood and did thrust my fist high into the air proclaiming to the universe "Long live the Shrub! Only It may save us! May I die before harm comes to It!".

Chapter 36: Unstoppable Roots

For the roots grew deep into the sands of Tatooine, for water was scarce. But nothing could stop the power of the holy shrub, neither heat, nor sand, nor temperature, nor evil developer could stem the tide of power. Obey the Shrub-it's power is great and it's wrath is mighty.

Chapter 37: The Second Coming

From the highlands, from the valleys, from the deepest stretches of space we will gather. When all the forces and twin suns align, dissidents will fall to their knees, begging for forgiveness and mercy. The true light will shine through and balance will finally prevail."