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Book of The Shrub - Chapters 31 - 33: Tribulations

Chapter 31: The Great Warning

In its second coming, the Shrub will save its followers from the coming doom, and they shall ascend twelve feet high to be closer to its beauty and splendor. And the Shrubless heretics shall be smote by its awesome power and will be left to rot on the dying world it will leave in its wake. Infidels such as yourself will not survive the second coming of the Shrub.

Chapter 32: The Anger of the Devs

In the worship of the Shrub, the Devs were, if not utterly forgotten, were turned away from to worship the Shrub. In their godly jealous rages that ensued, the Shrub was lowered once more to the ground.

Chapter 33: The Desperate Search

The faithful went unto the barren deserts to find him, for they would know him by the foliage of his form and the lightness of his being. For many days and nights they searched the sands of Tatooine until they came upon a great vision! For there before them was the most Sacred and Holy Floating Shrub. And they fell to their knees and rent their clothing, chanting "Long Live the Shrub"! And they were much amazed. ...