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Book of The Shrub - Chapters 28 - 30: Mandates

Chapter 28: Branches Mandate

1 - And 'lo the holy land was made known to the faithful. 
2 - The creator sent a messiah, and told him to build a temple near the very place. 
3 - And that one day, when enough had gathered near the life giving plant 
5 - The enlightened would be spared so that they may 

Chapter 29: Mandate of Ostium Vespre

It was said that there would be a great Temple built around the Shrub. The temple would be so great and massive that the uninitiated would mistakenly believe that the temple was the source of the power emanating about the region of the Shrub. When the temple is completed, there would be a city to rise around it. In the city there will live a thousand Player Characters and half as many NPC Merchants to support them. The followers of the Shrub will have a hell of a time teaching those in the city, yet they will be successful. In the final days before peace, holy wars will ravage the land. The non-believers will come from all over to mock the Shrubbites and the streets will be stained with the blood of the non-believers. Nary a hair on the head of any who is truly faithful to the Shrub will be harmed. This will be the ultimate test of a Shrubbites' faith and the holy wars will last for days uncounted.
This we shall do, regardless of whether He-who-shall-not-be-named forsakes the Dark Side and returns the Shrub to it's rightful airborne place. For we know the location of it's Holy Presence and shall worship and build a mighty city and temple to it's greatness there! And it will be good.

Chapter 30: Mandate of a Shrine

"I demand that at 12 foot rock be placed where the shrub was, and on top of the rock, the shrub be placed there. This way those who wish to destroy the shrub will most likely be unable to reach it, and those who wish to worship it may." "A rock? A ROCK? No! The Shrub must not be on a rock, for if the rock is 12 feet tall the Shrub will be 12 feet over the rock. It must levitate!" "I have a big ranged weapon with the Shrub's name on the clip." "You dare to defile the sacred Shrub!!!!!" The man who threatened to defile the Shrub was spared the usual punishment and in the stead of it was choked to death with the descendants of the great Shrub. The brotherhood for the protection of the Shrub stands not idly by for such blasphemy to take place.