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Book of The Shrub - Chapters 16 - 21: Attributions

Chapter 16: The Shirts Demise

"All of Shirt_576's foes fall before the mightiness of the Shrub. Shirt_576's people are not forgotten. From above the Shrub shall smite the evil creatures and there shall be repenting in the land of Shirt."

Chapter 17: The Book of Refreshment

Yea, I did crawl through the burning deserts on an arid world. And though my breath wore short, and my lips became cracked, I could not vanquish the ghostly whispers that called me forth. For 12 days I traveled thus, forsaking all other refuge, till on the 13 day I found myself resting beneath a great shade. And upon my back did I lie, and looking upon high did behold a mighty Shrub. Unbound by the feeble chains of our world, the Shrub did float as if upon a cloud. And what wonder! I did see a single drop of dew perched upon the edge of a lustrous green leaf. And ye, did the Shrub release the drop, and let it fall upon my face, and I was refreshed. The Almighty Shrub must be protected from all who would forsake its holy memory. If by aligning with the Servants of the Shrub, I can assist in this mission, then so shall it be.

Chapter 18: The Shrub's Unity

If anyone else sees it, it would be "just an other bug" and for us who have been here on these forums from the beginning of the Shrub discussion, it will be a fun reminder of the people who have been here supporting it... It makes people come closer to each other, and if you meet any one who knows about the Shrub, there will be something that connects you...

Chapter 19: The Shrub's Mercy

Behold the mercy of our Shrub! Yes the powers of the Shrub are great! Even being cast down to the sands and being desecrated by the filthy earth will not slow the branch of the Shrub. The Shrub has given us this time to turn the Devs hearts and put back the Shrub to its rightful place, not for its sake. No for the powers of the Shrub are great and he cannot be held to the ground for long. The Shrub has allowed this thread to continue so that the Devs will have a chance to turn there hearts and put the Shrub back on high and bask in the mercy of the Shrub.

Chapter 20: The Shrub's Mystery

Still, once could say the Mystery of the Shrub is more vivid now, since it is no longer floating! When will it Float again? What will it have to say when it Floats again? Many Omens are waiting on this moment. Perhaps it will come to pass that the Shrub will again repel the land beneath it. The Shrub will float at the level of the ground for miles around, but for the 12 foot deep crater that lies beneath it.

Chapter 21: The Shrub's Wrath

The Shrub is mighty. Someday you may be in need of it's great healing powers, and the Shrubs memory is long indeed. But STILL, be wary of slander to the almighty Shrub. For when you crawl dying to it's roots seeking healing you WILL be left to whither and die.