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Book of The Shrub - Chapter 7: Book of 80-88

Chapter 7: Book of 80-88

And lo, the land was made... and it was good, buggy, but good. And lo, creatures born of the land did tread the earth. Searching the land and singing praise to the almighty Dev of the world. For many days and nights they wandered near and far, looking and searching for the things to bring them closer to nirvana (finished game).

It was during this time a single person was walking the deserts of Tatooine and came upon a vision. The almighty Dev had given the command "GO forth from here and find us the bugs, bring them to us and we shall be pleased"

The vision was the answer to command issued by the almighty Dev. They had found a bug. Hovering above the ground sustained only by the holy energy given unto it by the almighty Devs themselves.

They fell to their knees and praised the almighty Devs. So wise and infinite in their wisdom. They had created all and issued the masses a holy quest. The quest had come to an end. They had found the Shrub.

For The Holy Floating Shrub in all it splendor would nourish and care for the faithful who heard the holy call and came to offer praises and prayers for it's continued goodness. But it would not have this chance...

When the world grew dark and slumbered, the faithful asleep in the comfort of it's aura. When the world awakened again, the aura was gone and a panic ran through the faithful. The shrub had been taken... it had been removed from it's holy place in the blessed land. They searched again, hoping the shrub was merely leading them to the holy land. But none could find it

I give you this missive, my faithful... go forth, with holy flame in your hearts and minds, and find our holy shrub and bring word to the faithful who also seek the shrub when you find it. We will build a great temple, a great city around the shrub. For it will bring us the unity and holy blessings we need to find our way in the world.

All praise the Holy Floating Shrub, Prophet of the Devs!
All praise the Holy Devs, creators of the world, and of the Holy Floating Shrub!