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Book of The Shrub - Chapters 5 & 6: Insight & Aftermath

Chapter 5: Chapter of Insight

In the days before the great opening, there was great chaos for the player associations. The Devs saw this chaos and saw no pleasure in its being. They reached down into SWG and molded with their hands the first two of the Player Associations (PAs). The first of the PAs was dedicated to the Force Sensitive Sheep. The PA was good, even for a hand of the Devs, but it was flawed. The flaw was not apparent to the beings of SWG, but it was great.

The second PA created was dedicated to the Holy Floating Shrub. The Devs, though nearly perfect in the beginning had learned from their mistakes in the FSS and created this second PA as perfect as any could imagine. The power of the Shrub flowed like a flood into the members of the PA and for just an instant, they did shine with its brilliance. They named themselves the Servants of the Shrub.



Chapter 6: The Aftermath

From the seas of blood of the first great series of wars there will rise up armies. These armies will be of the Force Sensitive Sheep and the Shirt_576. These armies shall rise up together, for from the power of the Shrub there shall be inspired great fear such that these two armies will ally together before taking on the armies of the Shrub in the first great war.

After the gods raise their fallen armies the armies of the Shrub shall walk out upon the battlefield once more to meet the armies that they have once crushed with the power of the Shrub. Yet this time there will be no fighting. This time the gods will change the hearts of their followers. The armies will meet to settle the wager. The High priests will divide the winnings and every man and woman will get his share. When all is settled there will hold the second great war, for this is the time of those who doubt not only the Shrub, but the Sheep and Shirt as well. This third time the armies meet on the battlefield it will be to fight against the godless scum of that which is called SWG, and yet with all three armies combined, they will face their greatest challenge since the beginning of time, and it will last for days uncounted.